Medi the Robot

Premier Children's Dentistry is proud to have Medi the Robot as part of their pediatric team. Medi is the world's first NAO Robot specifically programmed for interaction with children in a dental operatory setting. The dental component of Medi's repertoire was the brain child of Dr. Richard Olin, who wrote all of the scripts as well. Those scripts allow Medi to move and talk to children of all ages, along with telling jokes, singing and dancing.

Medi the Robot stands only 23" high, so children find him non-threatening in appearance. When he speaks, his hands and arms wave gently giving a friendly presentation that is endearing. Medi's applications include educating young children about what it is like to come to a dental office, experiencing the first dental visit, having one's teeth cleaned and much more. Medi also goes with the pediatric dentists to the surrounding town's elementary schools for assemblies on children's dental

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