What Sets Us Apart

Helping Little Smiles Grow into Big, Healthy Smiles!

You love your child and want only the best for them. You want them to grow up healthy and strong, full of zest for life, and with a great smile that allows their personality to shine!

Dr. Jessica Barzideh, Dr. Diana Rosenbaum, and our pediatric dental team share your dream. We’d love to be your partners, helping your child develop a beautifully confident smile and instilling the passion and knowledge required to keep it healthy for life!

Why Choose Premier Children’s Dentistry?

Ours is the first pediatric dental office in Rahway. We’ve created a welcoming, safe, fun environment where each child is treated with the same respect and compassion we’d show our own family member.

  • We know some children are apprehensive in new and unfamiliar environments. The minute your child sets foot in the office they’ll be greeted by name and with warm smiles, and made to feel at home. Our reception area has been specially designed to engage children, filled with many interactive features. We also have Medi the Robot: the world’s first robot for a dental office! Everything we do here is tailored to children’s comfort. We want them to learn that visiting the dentist is enjoyable!
  • Our doctors and staff understand that each child is at a different stage in their physical, emotional, and mental development. We’ll work hard to connect with your child on their level, talking and laughing with them, encouraging your little one to relax and open up with us.
  • We offer painless procedures, using laser dentistry, which can eliminate the need for an injection or a drill, when appropriate. We also offer sedation dentistry, when needed, for longer procedures and in cases where the doctor feels it’s the right process.
  • Your child will never be rushed through a visit. We schedule plenty of time for them – and you – to ask questions, for patient/parent education, and to make sure everyone understands what’s happening and what to expect.

We Also Offer General Dentistry

In addition to our two pediatric dentists, we also offer a range of general dental care. Our general dentists are available to care for parents and adult siblings while the younger children are visiting their dentist. And, when a child is old enough to “graduate” to regular dental care, they often choose to stay with our practice but with a new doctor!

Schedule a Visit

Please contact our pediatric and general dentistry office, in Rahway, NJ, to schedule a visit for your child or yourself. We offer convenient appointment times, including weekends, early mornings, and evenings.

Everyone at Premier Children’s Dentistry is excited to meet your child and you; call today!

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